Meet the minds of BAODT

It’s time to buy art or die trying!

Hey there, we are BAODT. The concept was created because all three of us have the same goal and vision – to make art accessible to everyone. 

We all come from an art background and have made different experiences across the industry. The BAODT concept was created when we noticed an extremely high interest in buying art throughout the younger generation. However, the main buying channel is social media. Unfortunately, this brings a lot of uncertainty and risks with it. 

After setting up a large survey we came to the conclusion that the art industry is either intimidating or just not on the radar of many young potential buyers.

So the idea was born to create a modern way of distributing art. Through Pop Up events taking place around the globe the goal is to loosen up the atmosphere and connect talented upcoming artists with potential buyers. 

Lots of love,

Raphaela, Aly and Nina

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