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Art Consultant & Managing Director

Alessandra Hampel

Born in Miami, Florida among an artist family, her childhood was deeply rooted in the art industry. This is where she developed a great passion for art, especially photography and abstract art.

She has now dedicated her time to connecting talented young artists with buyers from around the globe. She uses her creativity to help clients find the most suitable art according to their wishes, while staying true to her own style.

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Art Consultant & Managing Director

Raphaela Lindlbauer

Gained experience in the art world while working at HAMPEL Fine Art Auctions in Munich, Germany for several years.

She developed a big passion for urban and contemporary art due to members of her family in the US who have established themselves in the art industry.

After completing her law degree, she is combining her strategic mindset with the modern art world. This deeply flows into her art selection to perfectly tailor to the clients’ ’‘'‘'‘ wishes.

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Art Consultant & Co Founder

Nina Suess

After completing her degree in art history in Munich, Germany, she went on to build a career in the fashion industry, where she gained great success.

She has now decided to combine these two creative worlds – fashion and art. She has worked with international fashion brands like Richemont and LVMH to create a perfect synergy.

Likewise, she will help expand the wishes and visions of clients in the art world.

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